Fire & Life Safety Code Consulting

Our fire and building code knowledge and experience is unmatched. Mr. McMullen currently serves as Executive Director of the National Code Services Association, Code Coordinator for the Western Fire Chiefs Association and is a member of the International Code Council.

CODE COMPLIANCE INSPECTIONS / Building and Fire Code Experts
Our team of fire and building code experts have conducted hundreds of fire safety code compliance inspections. Those inspections include specific areas of inspection as requested for litigation support including forensic code compliance inspections of a specific area or item. The complete code library of The McMullen Company includes national and model building codes, fire codes and standards. This gives our team of experts the resources to research the history of the codes in effect at the time a building was built, occupancy taken, or the date of an incident. As well as the ability to conduct complete surveys of facilities in support of fire departments, government entities, citizens or private industry. A request for a survey and report of a facility or occupancy is available in cases where a complex condition is beyond the scope of knowledge the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Because of our archival library and our fire and building code resources, we can research building codes as far back as they exist. We also participate in the various model code development processes and have the ability to participate in the various governmental organizational procedures. We have helped develop new codes, as well as, successfully researching the history of existing codes. Our expertise includes fire and life safety codes, standards, regulations and laws, as well as, the fire and life safety provisions of various building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes. We can assist in amending the various codes and standards or our forensic experts can provide litigation support on issues relating to them.

We maintain an extensive library both current and historical of various codes, standards, laws and regulations and members have testified numerous times on interpretation of specific sections of laws, regulations, codes and standards in effect during various periods of time. Expertise in the relationship between laws (statutes and ordinances) codes (model, state and local) and standards (national, state and local), and standards of care has been opined successfully in numerous court cases.