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Long-delayed military contract opens opportunities for local manufacturer
Bakersfield fuel tank manufacturer Bryant Fuel Systems LLC was a 3-year-old startup with few sales under its belt when, in late 1991, it got its first big chance to dazzle U.S. Army brass.

Red Barn Fire

Source: James McMullen, a former chief fire marshal for the state of California and president of The ­McMullen Company, a fire-safety consulting firm, Davis, California. Date: February 1, 2018 Publication: Bottom Line Personal

Be Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Really Works. Many Don’t! You probably own a fire extinguisher that may not work in the event of a fire. And even if it does, you may not know how to use it the right way. This is especially true since Kidde, the world’s largest manufacturer of fire-safety products, recalled more than 40 million of its extinguishers in November after hundreds of reports of malfunctioning and one associated death.
James McMullen, a retired California chief fire marshal, questioned the choice of people who make their homes in fire-prone pockets of wilderness. “A frustration in the fire protection community is that a lot of people want to live in the country and enjoy the ambiance and foliage around them without understanding the risk,” McMullen told HuffPost.
“It’s very abnormal to find that many hydrants with low water pressure,” James McMullen, a California-based hydrant expert and consultant, told Motor City Muckraker.

“You have to have a dry hydrant, or it will freeze in the winter and not work because the passageway is blocked by ice,” McMullen said. “So it’s very critical that those hydrants are maintained.”
At 10 p.m. he collapsed by a swimming pool with about 6 inches of water left. “We were going to stand our ground, and we decided to fight,” he said.

The story brought a shudder from James McMullen, a former California state fire marshal who runs a fire consulting business in Davis.

“Some people don’t realize how intense a wildfire is and they say, ‘Oh, I’ll just stay here with my garden hose and leap up on the roof, and yet that’s the worst thing they can do,'” he said.