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James McMullen, who served as Executive Director of the National Code Services Association (NCSA), is proud to announce the success of the Forensic Arson Investigation class being taught in San Francisco and Hilo, Hawaii. James served on the NCSA course development committee for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 921 course. The next NFPA 921, Guide for Explosion and Fire Investigations, course will be taught next at Fire Show Reno. Certified Forensic Fire Investigator McMullen states that students successfully completing NCSA’s NFPA 921 course will be certified as Forensic Fire Investigators by NCSA. Chief McMullen recommends that Fire Investigators testifying in court become certified as Forensic Fire Investigators in order to help successfully qualify them by the courts as a Court Qualified Arson Investigator.

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Our fire and technical expert team has the ability to determine cause and origin consistent with current investigative standards throughout North America.

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We maintain a complete library of historical codes, national and model building codes, fire codes and standards enabling us to determine what was in effect at the time of interest.

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James McMullen is a State of California licensed Private Investigator and Qualified Fire Expert Witness with over 40 years of expertise in cause origin investigation.

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Fire prevention inspection services, as well as plan review services for fire and life safety for private property owners, businesses and governmental entities