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Fire Cause Investigators - Fire Department Management & Operations Consultants - Court Qualified Expert Witness - Arson Investigation - Fire & Life Safety Code - Code Consulting Services - Executive Director National Code Services Ass. - Window Safety Code - Window fall prevention Consulting -
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James Mc Mullen Court Qualified Expert Witness & Arson Consulting Services specializing in fire origin investigation, fire and building code consulting, fire prevention and life safety as well as window safety and fire department operations.



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James F. McMullen
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Experience 40 yrs Fire Origin Expert Witness Testimony
James F. McMullen

The McMullen Company founder and retired Chief California State Fire Marshal James McMullen is a Court Qualified Expert Witness bringing over 40 years of experience to each client and case.

Mr. McMullen holds a Masters and Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration with emphasis on Fire Protection from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and University of Redlands respectively. He holds several licenses and certificates, active professional memberships and affiliations; including Executive Director of the National Code Services Association, Founding President of the National Association of State Fire Marshals, serves on the National Safety Councils Window Safety Task Force, and has also served as the Commissioner of the California Building Standards Commission. Additionally Mr. McMullen holds a Lifetime California Community College Teaching Credential for Fire Science and is a State of California Manager/Owner Private Investigator.

Unmatched Fire and Life Safety Experience

As an Expert Witness, James McMullen has testified over 125 times in deposition and trial. He is qualified to testify in the administration of building and fire codes as well as laws, regulations, ordinances and standards to evaluate fire and life safety. As a Fire Expert, his extensive experience includes fire service administration, strategic fire planning and evaluating public fire services, the investigation of fire origin, cause and spread, as well as training of fire professionals, and negligence of fire department operations and management. Mr. McMullen is a leading national expert in fire safety roofing, window safety and wildfire/ urban wildland interface safety.

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