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Fire Cause Investigators - Fire Department Management & Operations Consultants - Court Qualified Expert Witness - Arson Investigation - Fire & Life Safety Code - Code Consulting Services - Executive Director National Code Services Ass. - Window Safety Code - Window fall prevention Consulting -
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James Mc Mullen Court Qualified Expert Witness & Arson Consulting Services specializing in fire origin investigation, fire and building code consulting, fire prevention and life safety as well as window safety and fire department operations.



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Cause Origin Investigation Experts

Arson Investigation Expert talks about the Six Signs of Arson on YouTube

Fire cause origin investigationCause Origin Investigation

TMC provides forensic expertise in support for fire origin, cause and spread investigations throughout North America. Collectively, with hundreds of years of experience in fire investigation, our fire and technical expert team has the ability to determine cause and origin consistent with current investigative standards.

We have covered numerous cases with large loss fires that have been involved in litigation have been investigated by our fire expert group. Our expert witness testimony has been provided at deposition, arbitration and trials relating to origin, cause and spread. In addition to traditional origin and cause investigation, we are in the unique position to opine as to the code deficient issues relating to the fire spread. This unique ability is based on the fact that The McMullen Company Inc. maintains a complete library of historic codes with the ability to determine the code in effect at the time of the incident.

James McMullen is a State of California licensed Private Investigator Owner/Manager and a Qualified Fire Expert Witness with over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in cause origin investigation.

Our Cause Origin Investigation expertise covers:

  • Wildfire / Wildland Urban Interface
  • Explosions
  • Residential Fires
  • Commercial Fires
  • Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Spills
  • High Piled Combustible Storage
  • Product Defects
  • Fire and Building Codes

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